Having a big ‘why’

When it comes to big goals, I think it is important to have a really big “why.”

Why are we doing this? What drives us? Why persist? What is keeping us motivated?

For me, that answer wrapped up a lot in my three children.

I am playing a long game here. It’s my job as a parent to raise three children that can go out into the world and develop into the human beings they are supposed to become. To do that, I want them to learn some things from me while they are in the care of me and my wife.

For starters, I want them to not be afraid of big, hairy goals, If you want to take a stab at something, don’t listen to the naysayers; listen to your heart. Give it a shot. You will truly never find out what you’re made of until you push outside of your comfort zone.

The Edge … there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. – Hunter S. Thompson

I want them to have wisdom. It’s one thing to be smart, but it’s another to be wise. I want them to have a plan for their money through ever step of their life. I want my children to not make the same mistakes my wife and I have made.

There’s a concept I want my children to know, and that there can be a lot of turmoil when your finances are in disarray, and when you have your house in order, you can have peace.

It’s my great hope that my children can learn how great a tool money can be. They are already earning money through work (no allowances at our house), and learning how to spend their paycheck. Naturally, spending comes pretty easily for them. I also want to teach them how important it is to save, but also to give. Giving makes me joyful. I have a thing that I do every year in December where I find an individual in need and we give a something to ease a burden. The joy that I get from that is enthralling. My wish for my children is that they learn to give, with humility, to others who are less fortunate. We all win when that happens.

Lastly, I want to teach them how to enjoy their money with experiences. Recently I heard of this idea that I think I’m going to steal. It goes like this: every year on your debt-free anniversary, you go do something that you normally wouldn’t have done because your past self was in debt and unable to do something. I like this idea a lot. I think we will. We just need to get to the finish line, but get there we will.

For my valentines: Remi, Ember, and Rogan. They are a big part of my ‘why.’

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