‘The Year Of No’ monthly report: February

The theme for February was full steam ahead.

It’s tax season, and even though we no longer own a house that we can deduct interest from, having three kids and student loan debt interest is still a tax saver. I have tried cutting the money I get back from the government each year by raising my deductions, but we still get money back. I suppose the money we give to the local grocery stores make up for the amount we receive.

February 2018

We are staying the course. We have held the line on expenses, and I started a side gig doing some freelance website work. I haven’t gotten paid but a tiny amount from that this year, and nothing in February. But March will be a different story.

The weather was nice enough for me to grab a walk with a beloved co-worker, and during our walk he made me realize something: we are only six months away from being out of debt. I moved up my projected worst case scenario from Oct. 1 to Sept. 1, and in my head I was thinking it was nine months away. My friend corrected me (since it’s almost March) and said, “Hey, that’s just six months away.”

That gave me chills.

The final rundown for February 2018 looks like this: we paid down $4,913.03, starting March with $13,812.35 left to go.

March likely won’t be as fruitful, but seeing the Progress Chart dip down has really got me me thinking about how close we are to having four figures of debt instead of five.

Shock and awe, shock and awe.

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