The Beginning of the End

It’s a Big Day™.

For the first time in my post-college adult life, since marriage, since kids, since what feels like forever, we are down to four figures of debt remaining. Eighteen years of stupid later, the end is in sight.

I received another paycheck from my side gig today, then turned around and put almost all of it on the debt. This marks an important milestone for us. Since starting The Cause in ernest on Sept. 11, 2016, we are now down to 25 percent of our debt to go.

Throughout this journey, we have marked our milestones with celebrations. At 75 percent, we did something, although I really can’t remember what exactly. It was probably food. When we hit 50 percent, we combined a celebration with a birthday gift to my youngest daughter, going out to eat (the milestone gift) and playing video games (the birthday gift).

I’ve been telling the kids that when we hit 25 percent, we would do “froyo for dinner.” Yes, we are quite the health-conscious parents. When you celebrate a milestone in The Year of No, you gotta make it count. The links snipped from the Debt Chain, we did froyo for dinner. I’m glad I skipped lunch today.

Family celebrating with froyo
We celebrated hitting a milestone of having 25 percent of our debt left with a little froyo for dinner.

We’re down to $8,433.66 left to go. I have thought all day about what it means to be here now. For years this has felt like an impossible task. Then we got serious, and less than two years later, here we are headed toward the end.

The ending is there; We can see it. It’s closer than ever before. We are coming around the final lap and we can see the ribbon waving in the wind at the finish line.

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  1. Great job! We are just starting our journey. Stories like this are such an encouragement. Thank you for sharing!

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