How weird people live

It’s been said that normal people are broke, and weird people are the ones who are trying to be the opposite.

We are definitely weird people. Lately I have been learning more about how these weirdos live.

Last week a friend hit me up to join him for lunch. He offered to pick me up, and when I went to his car I was blown away. Gone was his crappy beater car, and in its place was a 2011 Honda Civic. As long as I have known him, he hasn’t had a car made in the same decade he was currently living, but something had changed.

By both our standards, the car was quite an upgrade. It was clean, ran great, and had a nice interior. It has a few miles on it, sure, but with Hondas and Toyotas, more than 100,000 is just getting broke in.

I feared the worst when I got in his car.

“So, what are the payments like?” I asked.

“No payments,” he said.

“You paid cash? Well, a cashiers check?”

“Yep,” he said.

Just a few years ago, he and I were neck and neck with our debt. He pulled ahead, and began saving cash instead of making payments. When his old car finally went to the Great Junkyard in the Sky, he got this car to replace it. And he still has money in his emergency fund.

Another friend of mine also got out of debt a few years ago. I told him of our progress, and he told me the best is to come.

“It’s amazing how much opens up when you don’t have debt hanging over you!” he said.

I had to know more. What kind of things?

“The ability to save more quickly. The ability to take vacations with cash. Not being in the materialistic rat-race, always having to keep up with the Jones’.”

It’s hard to be weird. We could easily afford a car payment and upgrade a vehicle, perhaps even both of them right now if we wanted. But doing so would take the momentum out of our primary goal: to kill the last of our debt. What good would it be to go back into debt this close to being done? What sense would it make to go into debt when we are done?

So, we ride this out. We work on patience. It takes discipline to be weird, to not rush out and satisfy our desire for instant gratification.

It’s interesting being this close to the end. At the moment, I can only wonder what the other side looks like. If my weirdo friends are any indication, it’s a life filled with more peace and stability.

That sounds pretty good.

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