‘The Year Of No’ monthly report: April

Whew, what a month April was.

To start things off, we hit the four-figure month at the start of the month. I had hoped that number to happen at the end of March, but a delay in the paycheck from my side gig kept that from happening. But a paycheck is a paycheck, even if it comes in late, so we took it in stride. Combining that late March money with the rest of April’s efforts turned out to be quite a landslide.

Amy managed to find a few dollars here and there from grocery shopping, and we scraped by on clothing money for the month to make a hard push this month to see how far we can go. The effort was a smashing success.

April 2018

It’s the end of April, and our remaining loan balance is down to $3,643.22. It’s insane to think that at the end of March we we had $10,467.32 left, and now the end is completely within reach.

Sadly, the snowball is going to slow down quite a bit. My side gig has come to an end, so whatever is left will come from income from the primary job, and cuts/savings we make throughout the next six weeks. The good thing is, we have narrowed down to just six weeks left — 45 days from today to be exact.

But, you never know where extra money is going to come in. I’m going to try and sell a few things, and when I got home there was an unexpected royalty check (I’ve done a little writing before) which will also help the cause.

I am truly thankful and blessed to be able to do the side work, but it wasn’t without sacrifice. There were many days of working the day job, coming home and having family time, then working on the side gig late in the evening. It took a little bit of a toll, both mentally and physically. I could certainly stand to lose a few pounds that I put on, and I haven’t exactly been 100-percent “present” for anyone for the past few months.

And now, everything is slowing down. Spring is here, and things are in bloom. The irony is not lost on me. We’ve gone through the dark of winter, and now we need to see what is starting to grow.

Only 45 more days and this long journey will be over: it’s slow and steady from here on out.

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