‘The Year Of No’ monthly report: May

Even though I felt like this month has felt a little slow, we are now a step away from the end.

For the month of May, we paid off $1,979.39. We have $1,676.75 left.

Through some creative budgeting (it’s fine, really – nothing crazy), it appears the final debt payment will be June 15, 2018. God willing, we are two weeks away from being debt free.

I make that prediction with a strong degree of caution. Things could happen in two weeks. Emergencies could come up, or some tragedy could befall us that would mean it gets postponed.

In addition, we’ll have a child’s birthday party to pay for out of the next pay period. That alone will require a little creative party planning to pull off.

Alas, here we are. Many mistakes have been made along the way, but now we have wisdom. We have tried to wander out of debt, but now we are running. We used to be losers. But now, we are winning.

This will be one of the longest stretches of time in my adult life.

Bring it on.

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